2012 was pretty iconic for a few reasons – the little known London Olympics being one of them whose opening ceremony lead me to discover Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls. Never heard of them before the Olympics for some reason (probably had my head buried in the sand). Good News is, they’re playing the O2 Arena next year on the 12th of February (right near my birthday) so if I can get the funds together I’ll be getting a couple of tickets to see him. It only takes us a couple of hours to get to the O2 and if I don’t go with Andy, I’ll go with my sister in law as it’ll be a giggle having a girls night out. Don’t think Kelly would want to see him, but I know she wants to see Boyzone there next year (and for which she’s made me enter competitions to win the tickets).

If you’ve never heard of Frank Turner, here’s his new track “Losing Days” off his new album “Tape Deck Heart”

It’s going to be a rare treat going to the O2 Arena as although it’s been there an age now, I have not ventured to watch any bands there. Hallam Arena, Wembley Arena and several others but not the O2 Arena. If I do buy Frank Turner tickets then I’ll probably want to go and have a meal at one of the many restaurants there but don’t know much about yet. If anyone has any recommendations then please pop them in the comments for me as I’d love a personal account from someone that’s been there rather than guessing, getting there and having a bad meal.

I’d also like somewhere that’s wheelchair friendly. I’ve been to restaurants before though that say they are disabled friendly yet the seats are always too close together so you’ve no hope of getting the chair through the gap. It nearly always means I have to sit on the outside of a table to have a meal, or right by the door which then means that I get a chill or coats swished at me as they depart. So if anyone has any favourites, let me know.

Well, I’m actually looking forward to it now (it’s funny how you start writing something you start imagining what it will be like) so I had better get a move on buying some tickets now before they sell out!