Don’t just send him a present, send him a gift

As much as we love our other halves, there will always be areas that they are good in, and more than a few they’re bad in. Unfortunately, there are times when these not so good points become unbearable, and no amount of nagging seems to do the trick. For these situations, consider a present that hints that they could do a much better job.

These are present selections found on that cover a range of problems, offering some subtle and some extreme hints that they are rubbish at the concerned subject.

Getting Personal Afro Washing Up

Reluctant pot washer

This is a fault that can’t be forgiven, cannot go unpunished and simply must be stopped. If you’ve tried the verbal attempts to no avail and don’t wish to resort to physical violence must consider subtle humiliation through gifts as a next resort.

This guy works as a handy washing up tool, with the afro doing a monstrously efficient job of the dishes, with the bonus of looking really ridiculous. Essentially, this present says, ‘you, my friend, are also ridiculous. Do your job’ without you wasting your breath any further.

Getting Personal Pen Holder

General house-cleaning oaf

Washing dishes always seems to stick out at the top as you actually need them to eat your food off. The less noticeable aspect of the house hygiene is the rest of it, until it gets really bad that is. If you notice first and he won’t do anything about it then you should get him his tiny bin to let him know that he’s rubbish. It may not look like much, but there is ample space for organising stationary: one small step in the rest of the untouched house.

Getting Personal Incase of Emergency

Bad cook, lazy cook

We’re actually pretty lucky to live in 2013, when more men are happy to cook than ever before, but despite an ever-balancing level of equality, there are still some who can’t cook for sizzle.

You may think it’s too much effort to take the time out and teach them to cook, and you’d be right in thinking that, so as an alternative solution you should just starve them until they pick it up themselves. The trouble with this idea is that if you live together, you’ll also be starving yourself.

Use the emergency food tin to keep a little extra. In the few days you survive on your last biscuits, he’ll be rustling up his signature Peach Flambé.

In a relationship with the Playstation

There’s nothing wrong with material gifts, they’re what makes the world go round or some other cliché phrase, but sometimes you just need to spend time together. If they can’t get away from the TV, console or PC then consider booking a holiday. Pick somewhere sunny and warm, but also in the middle of nowhere so technology can’t be reached. If by the end of the holiday you realise you can’t spend time together, then you’ve saved a lot of time!