I was lucky enough before Christmas to receive something that ordinarily would be deemed to be old fashioned but with a unique modern twist would be welcomed by anyone that loves handmade craft goodies.

Lavender bags have always had a rough deal.  Normally you’d only see them for sale at craft fairs or table sales and more often than not they are chintzy and over flowery but the one I have from Catherine Green is absolutely beautiful.

lavender bags

Hand drawn designs, transferred to silk screen and then printed on glorious cotton or linen and filled generously with Yorkshire lavender, these bags are a delight.  The fragrance is heavenly and not a strong unlikeable one.  Yorkshire lavender has more of a sweet candy smell than what you would perceive it to be.

At just £10 for a bag, these would make a fabulous birthday gift.  It doesn’t break the bank plus you can hang it almost anywhere and not just hide it away in a drawer.  We have ours in our small reception area and when you open the door to it, you are greeted with a light sugary aroma that beats any odours from shoes or coats left there once and for all.

Jacqui x