Yet another beautiful day here in Essex and we’re sitting out in the garden again. I love sitting in the sun – not for the tan but for the pain relief it gives me and my neuropathy. When I’m sitting in the sun it eases it so much that I can have a few hours relief and it makes me feel human again.

Andy’s in his shorts, I’m in a big baggy shirt but you can’t wear shoes in this weather! So I’m adorned with the most comfortable flip flops that I’ve ever worn. No word of a lie. I’m wearing Beach Athletics Papillion Gel Flip Flops which are sensational.

The flip flops themselves are PU and slightly raised at the back. I have a high instep but because the flip flips are moulded, it doesn’t really affect me as it has a tendency to with other summer sandals. But the main benefit of the Beach Athletics flip flops over other ones is the comfort. Ordinary flip flops that you buy at seaside, pier shops or high street shoe shops are usually low grade foam or aerated rubber with no guts in them at all. They’re flat and uncomfortable with toe pegs that aren’t formed correctly so inevitably leave you raw between the toes.

Papillion Pink Flip Flops

The Papillion though are not only incredibly pretty (I have the purple and turquoise pair but there are 3 colours to choose from) they are incredibly comfy and even though I’m a size 8, these are a size 7 and fit perfectly. It’s not often that you get a size 7 that fits a size 8 so well. There’s no hang over at all. My foot nestles in the gel form wonderfully as it’s moulded which to me, proves that they’re not your run of the mill sandal. There is a toe peg, which is what I normally shy away from as I don’t like the feeling between my toes, but this peg is just as soft as the rest of the flip flop and surprisingly doesn’t irritate my foot. There is a slight pattern on the inside but you can’t feel it when you’ve got them on and a pattern on the sole which helps grip the surface that you’re walking on.  I remember when my Mum used to wear cheap flip flops she’d sometimes slip on sand or a little water twisting the flip flop with the danger of twisting her ankle.  These are entirely different. I’ve been wearing them now for 3 days whilst we’ve sat in the sun and I’ve not wanted to take them off which when I wear my canvas shoes I’m constantly doing which annoys Andy as I’ll just kick them off and he’ll normally have to retrieve them for me from behind the dogs bed or something.

papillion beach athletics

Beach Athletics have a tremendous range of flip flops that you can splash out on St Tropez which are bright fruity coloured plain ones, Corsica are dual coloured and the Papillion which include the gorgeous butterfly perched on the strap. On sale at the moment for just £10 per pair you’ll find the Normandie (in pink, purple, green or white) and these are ideal for using by the pool since they flexible foam rubber base has tiny holes in them which lets the foot breath and water escape.

Overall these are simply the best sandals I’ve worn in a while and versatile enough you can team them with a long summer dress for the evenings if you’re away on your holidays – you don’t need much more from a summer sandal so pop on over and invest in a few pairs!

Jacqui x